Home Sweet Home, Away From Home

Thanks to the awesomeness of the Leukaemia Foundation, We are now living at the ESA Village, an apartment complex run by the foundation for the purpose of providing emergency accommodation for people forced to live away from their homes while they undergo treatment. What an amazing blessing! The whole complex is only a year old so everything is nice and new. We have a two bedroom unit with all the amenities, even free internet! Woohoo!  There’s a games room, a gym, and a little playground as well in the complex. You can tell they have tried really hard to make life as good as it can be in the situation.

esa insideThe unit even comes with trains right outside. While this is a downside to most normal people, when you are 6, living beside a train track is like winning the lottery. Sam sat out on the balcony for the first two hours just watching the trains. And there are a lot of trains to watch. We have passenger and coal trains here for our listening and viewing pleasure! TO be honest, it doesn’t bother us really, after 10 years of living on the pacific highway, we are used to it.

So, though it is still not home, at least we have some space that’s our own, and lots of supportive people that work here. Thanks, Leukaemia Foundation! You rock.


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  1. Chris,Lorinda & Sam
    Thank to your parents Chris who have been keeping us posted to date. Our hearts go out to you as parents, Sam as you go through the process of chemo treatment . Just remember Our GOD is Greater than all medications and He does promise us as His children never to forsake us. So continue to find your strength from above and knowing there are many around the Globe who are praying for strength and Healing for Sam as well for you as parents. My you find peace and joy; comfort; and strength for each day. It was so good to meet you all as a family the last time you spent sometime with” Marlene & Alf”in Wpg. before flying back home. I suspect Mom & Dad are finding the time crawling along but Monday too shall arrive and they’ll be on the way to Brisbane and you. Peace & Hope! Shirley for both of us.

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