Sam Talks About Hair

This used to be a brilliant little video of Sam talking about what life might be like with no hair. Unfortunately, Sam is not keen on the video and would prefer it not to be public. In the interest of having Sam feel safe talking with us, and in control of the information about his situation, I have pulled the video from this blog.

The last thing we would like as parents, in a time when Sam feels like he has lost all control, is to take a little bit more away from him.

4 thoughts on “Sam Talks About Hair

  1. Sam – it is super great not having hair! Just like you said – it’s easy to wash and dry – you don’t need to bother combing it – the thing is to remember your hat when you are outside. My hair all came out (I got it shaved off short like you said)when I had cancer, and when you are done the treatments, it grows back again. I got used to being bald,it was cool in summer! People love you for you, not for your hair! We pray for you each day! Aunt Donna

  2. Thanks for the video and all the updates. Sam you are very entertaining and look forward to the next video. Sam where did your teeth go??? Aunt Karen

  3. Okay, the thing I am most amazed at is that Sam is eating BROCCOLI, without complaining, bite after bite after bite….. Sam, you should tell Kaylie and Alayna to eat theirs too! đŸ™‚

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