Good News!

We took Sam in to the hospital for his chemo again today, and had a good chat with his doctor. The results from the bone marrow sample that had been sent to the U.S. for specialized testing had come back, and the results were encouraging. I don’t understand the biology behind it all, but I think they look at specific chromosomes in the blast cells, and that gives an indication of how well they typically will respond to treatment. Anyways, she said a bunch of big words that meant: “good news, Sam’s leukaemia is quite common, and very treatable.” That was great to hear.

So, if all goes well with Sam’s blood test next Monday, he will have chemo on Tuesday and then we will likely be able to go home, like our real home. The home we left 3 1/2 weeks ago with the groceries on the floor, expecting to stay one or two nights in the hospital. Yay! Of course we still have a week to go, and a few more boxes to check, but it is looking good so far.

After we get home, we will still be coming up here once a week for treatment, on and off at different times and intervals for the next couple of years, which still is yet to be spelled out, depending on his bone marrow results at the end of this induction treatment. So that’s where we are at, and we are very proud of our courageous little boy!

(oh, yeah, thanks to some of our awesome friends, the groceries are not still on the floor in case you were wondering:)


5 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. That is fantastic news Chris… so relieved to read this. Sam has been so brave! Been thinking of you lots today and was planning on calling soon to get an update. Will be so good if you can come home. And it was a pleasure to help out on the home front. Much love to you all xxxxx

  2. oh Chris this is so good to hear. you guys have all been so brave throughout this. absolutely incredible. much much love. megs xxx

  3. That is such great news guys. Phew! Great to read this blog too. Sam is sounding like he is being brave, taking each step in his stride, as you guys are too. I am sure home is seeming more sweet than usual. Blessings. Robyn Porter

  4. We just learned of Sam’s journey with cancer from Kay Willems. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you, Chris, Lorinda and Sam…and the grandparents, too. We are awaiting the arrival of our first grand baby in early December for Daryl & Valancie. Love and God bless, Enid Pierce

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