Remission Party!

We are back home!!!

Yesterday at 12:30, we were informed that Sam is officially in remission. Which, I think means that he has less than 0.1% leukaemic cells in his blood. And which also meant we got to go home. Which is awesome. So awesome, in fact that we decided to throw a party. So we invited everyone who was in our house at the time, made a classic Mennonite meal that Sam loves, and then got out on the dance floor and danced the night away. Or at least we danced until bedtime. Which is 7:30 for some of us.

Though we know there is still a long road ahead, we wanted to celebrate what we have been through, and let our hearts be filled with thankfulness for the grace we have been given so far. I guess it is fitting that this weekend is Thanksgiving weekend in our homeland. We have much to be thankful for.

2 thoughts on “Remission Party!

  1. We are relieved for all of you. This is a very reassuring beginning of the journey and gives a lot of hope. Celebrate!! Nice your folks are there with you as well Chris and I know that Marion and Derek are anxious to see you too. Big hug for all of you.

  2. Sam’ remission is great news. We have been holding you in our prayers. We are friends of your parents from Winnipeg and we also have a 6 yr old grandson so our thoughts are with all of you.

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