Sam’s New Do

Well, we knew it would probably happen, but that didn’t make it any easier seeing those first few hairs drifting down from Sam’s head in the sunlight. A bit of a jarring reminder that, even though we are back home, we are not yet home free. I think I personally found it one of the hardest steps in this journey. Until now, Sam didn’t look like a cancer patient, and so it was easy to forget about from time to time. Now it is feeling quite real real.

Last night we got out the clippers, and cut Sam’s hair nice and short. We all had lots of fun as we checked out each new look as the hair was cut away. Sam was very happy with his new look, and excited to show the other kids at school. He is such a positive little guy!

2 thoughts on “Sam’s New Do

  1. Looks great Sam! Getting ready for school will be so easy now , no more brushing your hair . Just run your fingers thru it and your off!! Love the Trainorsxxx

  2. It looks great on you Sam! Good thing the weather is getting warmer – you won’t have a freezing head! 🙂

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