Monthly Archives: November 2013

“normal” life

O.K, Just had a look at the date of my last post. Oct 15. Just after we got back to our house. The reason for lack of posting? I guess life was getting a lot closer to “normal”.  or at least a new normal that includes the 2.5 hour drive to Brisbane once a week, driving to Tweed hospital once a week for blood tests, and giving our son pills that are too harmful for us to touch so that when we cut them, we need to wear safety goggles, a gown, gloves and mask.

The other normal is that as much as the diagnosis of Leukaemia made us drop everything and run up to Brisbane for a month, strangely all the things we had to do before we left were still there when we got home, and now that a few days a week are taken up with hospital type activities, there hasn’t been a lot of time for blogging.  But hey, I am learning to do what I can, and then just be O.K. with not getting it all done. One day at a time.

However, I must actually wrap this up pretty quickly as I need to head up to the hospital in about half an hour to swap off with Lorinda, as Sam has been admitted again to the hospital in Tweed. This is the second time since we have been home that we have scooted off to the hospital for a few days. The first was because Sam had a fever, and this time he has a rash right around his port where he gets his chemo treatments. The first time we rushed off to Tweed, we kind of panicked a bit and didn’t bring much of what we would need for a hospital stay, but this time we were much smarter. So, as we were waiting in our own little room at emergency (isolated because of being an oncology patient), we cracked out the UNO cards we had brought, and all our snacks, and were having quite a nice time together. Friday night is our family games night, so we figured why let a trip to the hospital get in the way! We invited the doctor for a round, but he declined, mentioning something about having to work, but I think he was actually a bit worried that he would get schooled by a 6 year old.

Anyways, as we are beginning to learn, there seems to never be a “quick trip to the doctor to maybe get some cream for that rash” in the world of childhood cancer. It seems they always want to take some blood (which is not fun for Sam) and then they seem to like our company so much that they invite us to stay for a few nights. So, Sam will be in until the rash clears up, which could be up to 10 days. Not really looking forward to it, as it is quite exhausting being the parent who has to keep your child entertained in bed for days and days. But hey, I guess this is how we roll now.