New (no) Hair

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Well, a couple of days ago, Sam’s hair started to fall out again. It happened really suddenly. As in, before dinner Lorinda had given it a bit of a tug to see if any hair was starting to come out and none came out. A couple hours after dinner, it was coming out in clumps. After two nights of sleeping in a pile of hair, Sam decided it was time to buzz it all off.

We all think Sam looks great without much hair, and as Sam and I were home from school on Friday, we took the opportunity to do a little photo shoot to show off the new look, and Sam wanted to learn about photography. He was going to teach me about Lego in the afternoon, however, those plans had to change as we were informed of an unplanned trip to Tweed for a last minute blood test, so I am still waiting for my lego lesson.

2 thoughts on “New (no) Hair

  1. Sam, you look great with short,short hair- Keep up your spirits. A thought… how do you think your Grandpa Huebert would look with a Buzz cut.? When I think of our cold Winter this year I think he would be wearing a cap on his head to keep warm.
    friends of your grandparents (Huebert) Hope you have a GOOD SLEEP.
    We’ll keep on praying for you and your Mum & Dad .Henry & Shirley Dueck

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