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Crazy Chemo

Found this little video segment that my Dad took in October, This is the first time we administered Sam’s Chemo pills at home. Before we left the hospital with his pills, the Nurse gave us this big pile of safety gear to use while cutting and administering the pills to Sam. Now, call me crazy, but to me it felt like a little bit of overkill, however it provided a good laugh for us all, and you know what they say about laughter being the best medicine!

I must say though, it does make me shake my head to think that I am supposed to go to such lengths to protect myself from this cytotoxic drug, which I then place in the palm of my six year olds hand and ask him to swallow it.

I reckon it’s time we found a real cure.

Sam Talks About Hair

This used to be a brilliant little video of Sam talking about what life might be like with no hair. Unfortunately, Sam is not keen on the video and would prefer it not to be public. In the interest of having Sam feel safe talking with us, and in control of the information about his situation, I have pulled the video from this blog.

The last thing we would like as parents, in a time when Sam feels like he has lost all control, is to take a little bit more away from him.