Yay for Charities!

Coming in to the hospital, completely unprepared, exhausted emotionally and physically, and faced with a barrage of information, away from our home and usual resources such as internet, we felt very powerless in our situation. Even trying to figure out where to stay seemed like a mammoth task. Luckily, there are organisations which have seen these needs and, thanks to generous supporters, are able to offer services which help remove those burdens. Our biggest relief was when we heard word from the Leukaemia Foundation that they would take care of our accommodation while we were up in Brisbane! How amazing! They sorted everything out for us, which let us focus on the needs of Sam and the family. Red Kite is another organisation that provided us with a big bag of things as we arrived at the hospital, including a teddy bear for Sam, a handmade quilt and pillow case, travel mugs, a diary, and many other useful items. Things like that take on so much more meaning when you are feeling fragile and scared, and it really made me feel like there were people who knew what we were going through and cared.

So, to everyone who has ever dropped a coin in a wishing well, bought a sausage at a fundraiser or donated to any of these charities, thank you, because it made a difference to our little family.

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